The Next Generation

A new vanguard of researchers continues UF’s tradition of pushing diabetes research and care.

By: Morgan Sherburne
More than 30 years ago, Mark Atkinson, PhD ’88, was given three research questions that he would spend his career trying to solve.
  1. What is the cause of Type 1 diabetes?

  2. Who may develop the disease — and why?

  3. Can we find a cure?

“Mike started working with us when he was 18, and now he’s leading the division... He is the next generation.”
Desmond Schatz, MD
UF Diabetes Institute
Dr. Haller is partnering with researchers throughout the United States, leading a first-of-its-kind clinical trial supported by the Helmsely Trust, Sanofi and the NIG, using FDA-approved combination of drug therapy.

Todd Brusko, PhD

Jing Chen, MD, PhD

“We think this type of dysfunction contributes to the development of Type 1 diabetes.”

Laura Jacobsen, MD

“What this could tell us is whether we need better screening tools and better support for patients”

Kenneth Cusi, MD

"My primary aim was to develop a comprehensive state-of-the-art endocrine and diabetes program."

Working together for a diabetes-free world

The state of diabetes research, care and training has never been better at the UF College of Medicine.


  1. Ten Years Ago

    A thing happened.

  2. Two Years Ago

    Something else happened.

  3. Yesterday

    I had breakfast.